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                         Ключові  слова:  трибокорозія,  корозійна  стійкість,  потенціал,  струм

                  поляризації, тертя, знос, вторинні структури, структура, водень, поляризація

                  покриття, інгібітори, наночастинки, тверді сплави.


                        Vynar V.А. «Scientific basis  of friction interaction  of metals  under the

                  action of corrosion and hydrogen factors. – Manuscript.

                        Thesis  for  a  Doctor’s  Degree  in  Technical  Sciences  (specialty  05.17.14  –

                  materials  chemical  resistance  and  corrosion  protection).  –  Karpenko  Physico-

                  Mechanical Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, Lviv, 2020.

                         The dissertation presents a solution of an important scientific and practical

                  problem  of  establishing  mechanisms  of  frictional  interaction  of  contact  surfaces

                  under the action of corrosion and hydrogen factors, the solution of which expands

                  the  understanding  of  tribocorrosion  mechanisms,  which  allows  a  scientifically
                  well-grounded approaching to choose methods to improve tribopairs.

                         The  method  of  measuring  the  electrode  potential  in  tribocorrosion  studies
                  using a capillary probe was improved, which made it possible to more accurately

                  assess  the  potential  of  different  sections  of  the  friction  track  and  undeformed


                         An  empirical  relationship  between  the  width  of  the  friction  track  in

                  tribocorrosion  and  the  polarization  current  at  the  corrosion  potential  has  been

                  established, which makes it possible to quickly assess the degree of its wear by the

                  electrochemical properties of the friction pair.

                         It  is  established  that  the  ratio  between  the  values  of  corrosion  potential,

                  tribopotential  and  freshly  renewed  surface  potential  can  be  used  to  assess  the

                  frictional properties of secondary structures and the wear mechanism, in particular

                  the D16T alloy The dual effect of cathodic polarization on the tribocorrosion of

                  D16T  alloy  and  steel  08Х18Н10Т  is  shown:  reduction  of  corrosion  rate  and

                  fracture  inhibition  at  the  potentials  below  the  juvenile  surface  potential  and

                  increase  of  corrosion-mechanical  wear  during  hydrogen  depolarization.  Anodic
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