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                         The practical value of the work.

                         1.  A  new  method  for  measuring  the  electrode  potential  of  metals  during

                  frictional interaction in corrosive media (Ukrainian patent №111429), which made

                  it possible to increase the accuracy of measuring the tribopotential, in particular in

                  low-conductivity media, and a  method for determining wear intensity of passive

                  materials under polarization currents tribocorrosion (Ukrainian patent №120878).

                         2. The efficiency of using galvanic composite nickel coatings for protection

                  against tribocorrosion of aluminum alloy D16T in acidic solutions (wear is reduced

                  by ~ 7.0 times) and low-alloy steel 17Mn1Si (wear is reduced by ~ 5 times).

                         3. It was found that doping of the hard alloy of the WC – Ni system with

                  chromium carbides (1% Cr3C2)  increases the resistance to corrosion by 1.4–3.7

                  times and tribocorrosion (by ~ 15%) depending on the acidity of the medium. The

                  research results were applied during the production of parts operating in conditions

                  of corrosion and mechanical wear, at the state research and production enterprise
                  "Alcon-Tverdosplav ".

                         4.  The  efficiency  of  plasma  surfacing  with  Fe  −  Ni-based  powders  for
                  restoring and improving the performance of the surfaces of shut-off valve elements

                  in  hydrogen  sulfide  and  ammonium  media  has  been  established.  Details  with

                  applied  coatings  have  passed  experimental  and  industrial  inspection  at  PAE

                  "Konotop Rebar Plant",

                         5.  To  increase  the  wear  resistance  of  tribocouples,  it  is  proposed  to  use

                  additives of silver and zinc and magnesium nanoparticles to lubricants operating in

                  drill bit assemblies. The obtained lubricating compositions passed the experimental

                  and industrial test at LLC "Universal Drilling Equipment".


                    Наукові праці, в яких опубліковані основні наукові результати дисертації:

                  1.     Contradictory  Effect  of  Chromate  Inhibitor  on  Corrosive  Wear  of

                  Aluminium Alloy / V.I. Pokhmurskii, I.M. Zin, V.A.Vynar, L.M. Bily. Corrosion

                  Science. 2011. Vol. 53. P. 904–908.
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