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                         The  results  of  the  work  have  been  implemented  in  the  enterprises  of

                  Ukraine,  in  particular  at  PAE  "Konotop  Rebar  Plant",  LLC  "Universal  Drilling

                  Equipment" and the state research and production enterprise "Alcon-Tverdosplav".

                         Кey  words:  tribocorrosion,  corrosion  resistance,  potential,  polarization

                  current,  friction,  wear,  secondary  structures,  structure,  hydrogen,  coating

                  polarization, inhibitors, nanoparticles, hard alloys.

                         Scientific novelty of the obtained results.

                         The scientific bases of tribocorrosion of steels, alloys and pure  metals are

                  developed, which take into account their flooding in the process of corrosion and

                  the  approaches  to  the  choice  of  methods  of  increasing  the  wear  resistance  are


                               A new method for estimating the rate of formation and destruction of

                  secondary  structures  in  the  conditions  of  tribocorrosion  and  forecasting  the

                  mechanisms  of  metal  destruction  is  developed  and  scientifically  substantiated,

                  which is based on comparing the potentials of corrosion, tribocorrosion and freshly

                  renewed  surface.  For  the  first  time,  an  empirical  relationship  was  established

                  between the weight loss of D16T alloy and the polarization current at the corrosion

                  potential during corrosion-mechanical wear, which is the basis of the method of

                  operative  determination  of  the  degree  of  damage  of  passivating  metals  in


                         For the first time:

                               It  is  established  that  cathodic  polarization,  depending  on  the  value,

                  ambiguously  affects  the  destruction  of  D16T  alloy  by  tribocorrosion:  by

                  polarization within the corrosion potentials and freshly renewed surface corrosion

                  and  corrosion-mechanical  wear  are  inhibited,  with  the  potential  shift  in  the

                  negative direction due to intensification near-surface alkalinization of the medium

                  due to hydrogen depolarization.
                               It  is  shown  that  the  frictional  interaction  with  anodic  polarization

                  contributes to the increase of the tendency of steel 08Х18Н10Т to pitting and wear.
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