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                  times.  It  has  been  shown  for  the  first  time  that  the  combined  action  of

                  hydrogenation and friction accelerates diffusion processes in an amorphous Nickel-

                  phosphorus coating, which promotes the formation of a reinforcing phase of Ni 3P

                  in the surface layers, which increases its wear resistance.

                         It is shown that the high corrosion resistance and hardness of the coatings

                  deposited  by  the  plasma  powder  method  do  not  determine  their  corrosion-

                  mechanical  wear  resistance.  The  corrosion  resistance  of  coatings  based  on  iron,

                  nickel  and  iron-nickel  increases  in  corrosive  environments  with  increasing  pH,

                  increases,  but  their  tribocorrosion  resistance  decreases  by  25-30%,  which  is

                  determined by the nature of secondary structures in the friction zone.

                         It  was  found  that  the  addition  of  graphite  (2-4%)  to  the  BH20  composite

                  increases its tribotechnical characteristics during dry friction, reduces its corrosion

                  and tribocorrosion resistance by 2-2.5 times. The modification of the Nickel matrix

                  of BH20 composite by chromium carbides (1% Cr 3C 2) decreases the corrosion rate
                  in 3% NaCl solution and the corrosion-mechanical wear by 10-12%. It is shown

                  that  the  corrosion  resistance  of  this  alloy  increases  with  increasing  pH  of  the
                  solution from 2.5 to 9.9 , and the tribocorrosion resistance increases 2-3 times.

                         It  is  shown  that  the  chromates,  which  are  effective  corrosion  inhibitors,

                  accelerate tribocorrosion of the aluminum alloy by ~ 40%  due to the formation of

                  conversion  films.  Instead,  zinc  phosphates  increase  the  corrosion  and  wear

                  resistance  of  D16T  aluminum  alloy  by  ~30%  due  to  the  formation  of  plastic

                  secondary  structures.  The  rate  of  formation  these  structures  depends  on  the

                  mechanical and electrochemical factors.

                         It  was  found  that  the  addition  of  silver  and  phosphate  nanoparticles  to

                  aqueous environments and lubricants increases the tribological and tribocorrosion

                  behavior in friction pairs of steel 20 – steel ШХ15 by ~ 35%. The composition of

                  lubricants  with  the  addition  of  nanoparticles  is  proposed,  which  is  used  in  the

                  nodes of drill bits and reduce their wear.
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