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The  practical  value  of  the  dissertation  work  is  that  the  methodology

                  developed on a modern scientific and methodological basis forms the basis of

                  engineering methods for predicting the safe operation of structures (both at the

                  design stage and during operation) that work in contact with hydrogen-containing

                  environments, which indicates its practical value.

                         Based on the results of the research, 14 scientific works were published,

                  including 4 articles in specialized scientific publications (including 2 articles in

                  periodical  scientific  publications  included  in  the  international  scientometric

                  databases  WoS  or  Scopus),  5  theses  and  reports  in  collections  of  conference

                  materials, 1 author's computer program certificate.

                  Keywords:  hydrogen  diffusion,  hydrogen  concentration,  hydrogen-containing

                  environment,  hydrogen  decohesion,  dislocation  movement,  local  plastic

                  deformation, mathematical model, crack propagation, residual longevity.

                                      СПИСОК ПУБЛІКАЦІЙ ЗДОБУВАЧА

                        Наукові праці, в яких опубліковані основні наукові  результати


                  1.  Andreykiv O., Hembara N.T. A mathematical model for the determination of

                      hydrogen  concentration  corresponding  to  changes  in  the  mechanism  of

                      deformation. Journal of Mathematical Science. 2022. 263, No 1. P. 15–24.


                  2.  Wei M., Chepil O.Y., Hembara N.T. Computer modeling of the influence of

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                  3.  The  energy  approach  to  the  evaluation  of  hydrogen  effect  on  the  damage

                      accumulation / Ya. Ivanytskyi, Ye. Kharchenko, O. Hembara, O. Chepil, Ya.

                      Sapuzhak, N. Hembara. Procedia Structural Integrity. 2019. 16. P. 126–133.

                      (Scopus, WoS).

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