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                         The developed models, methods, and software are used in the Karpenko

                  Physico-Mechanical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

                  during  the  execution  of  the  topics  of  the  departmental  order  of  the  National

                  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the Department of Strength of Materials and

                  Structures in Hydrogen-Containing Environments III-144-18, state registration

                  number  0118U000464,  2018-2020;  III-14-21,  state  registration  number

                  0121U108957, 2021 - 2023 and NFDU competitive project No. 2020.02/0049,

                  state registration number 0120U104904, 2020-2021.

                         The practical value of the thesis is that the experimental-calculation method
                  developed on a modern scientific and methodological base and the created means

                  of operational diagnostics of the condition of the equipment make it possible to
                  predict its reliability and durability, taking into account the operating conditions.

                         Based on the results of the research, 10 scientific works were published,

                  including 4 articles in specialized scientific publications (including 2 articles in

                  periodical  scientific  publications  included  in  the  international  scientometric

                  databases WoS or Scopus), 5 abstracts and reports in collections of conference

                  materials, 1 author's computer program certificate.

                         Keywords: local true stresses, local true strains, true stress-strain diagram,

                  metal hydrogenation, hydrogen concentration, pre-strain, stress-strain state, strain

                  energy, energy approach, damage, fracture resistance.


                       Scientific works in which the main results of the dissertation are published

                 1.  Maciej Dutkiewicz, Oksana Hembara, Yaroslav Ivanytskyi, Mykola Hvozdiuk,

                     Olha Chepil, Mykhailo Hrynenko, Nazar Hembara. Influence of hydrogen on

                     the  fracture  resistance  of  pre-strained  steam  generator  steel  22K.
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