The abstract should contain up to 500 symbols typed by Times New Roman font (9-point font size) with the single line spacing. Document settings. Place the text of the conference abstract on the page size A5 (148x210 mm) with the following margins: 20 mm from the top, 18 mm from the bottom, 20 mm from the left, and 13 mm from the right, and 12 mm from the edge to the header and the footer set. Pages. The conference abstract has to consist of 2 or 4 full pages.

Font. The main font of the text is Times New Roman font with 12-point font size and the single line spacing. To highlight words or phrases use the italic font rather than the bold one. Use bold font for name sections only. Avoid using uppercase letters. Units. Use either SI (MKS) or CGS as primary units (SI units are encouraged). Try to avoid using a combination of them. In fractional numbers use a decimal point instead of a comma.

Figures and tables. Embed figures and tables at the top or the bottom of text after they are mentioned aligning them in the centre of the print area. Separate them from the text by an empty line which equals 8-point of the main font. Examples of such representation and captures are shown in Fig. 1 and Table 1. If you chose to split a figure into a number of parts, each part should be clearly labelled with a lower case letter (a), (b), etc. Note that figures have to be in black to white gradation.

Equations. Formulae and equations should be referred to as Eq.(1), Eq.(2), etc. Number formulae only if you reference them. Align a formula at the centre of the print area and leave an empty line which equals 8-point of the main font. Adjustment parameters for equations:

Full 10 pt
Subscript/superscript 10 pt
Sub-subscript 8 pt
Symbol 16 pt
Sub-symbol 14 pt

Text, Function Times New Roman
Variable Times New Roman, italic
Matrix Vector Times New Roman, bold
Number Times New Roman
Other Symbol

Conclusions. An electronic version of the full text should be prepared in accordance with this template and sent to the e-mail address of the Organizing Committee

The list of references should be given at the end of the main text and typed by 9-points size. Leave one empty line which equals 11-point size after the main text. References in the text should be referred to as [1], [1,2], or [1-4] and should be given in the order they appear in the text. Present the references in English. If you translate the reference into English, please indicate the language of the original version in brackets.

Templates for conference abstract preparation: UA EN