"Information extraction and processing"


Z. T. Nazarchuk (Editor-in-Chief, Ukraine), V. Berbyuk (Sweden), M. M. Voitovich (Ukraine), R. A. Vorobel (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Ukraine), V. V. Gafiychuk (USA), V. B. Dudykevych (Ukraine), R. M. Dzhala (Ukraine), I. B. Ivasenko (Secretary, Ukraine), D. B. Kuryliak (Ukraine), J. Leskow (Poland), L. I. Muravsky (Ukraine), P. Picart (France), B. P. Rusyn (Ukraine), L. Rutkowski (Poland), Ya. H. Savula (Ukraine), V. R. Skalskyi (Ukraine), P. H. Stakhiv (Ukraine), R. Zimroz (Poland), V. M. Uchanin (Ukraine), F. Chaari (Tunisia), I. M. Javorskyj (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Ukraine), M. M. Yatsymirskyy (Ukraine)

Interbranch journal of scientific papers "Information extraction and processing" was founded in 1965. The Journal accepts contributions from all parts of the world. Manuscripts should be of scientific and practical value and not be published previously.

Journal publishes investigation results and provides reviews on problems concerning fields and signals

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