Acoustic emission systems for nondestructive testing and diagnostics of materials, products and construction elements "SKOP-8"

     Specialists of the Institute have developed in the field of acoustic emission diagnostics the State Standard “Instructions for acoustic emission diagnostics of very dangerous objects” and also equipment for non-destructive testing of long-term operation objects.
     Acoustic-emission system SKOR-8 is intended for extraction, recording, processing of acoustic emission signals and signals on the tested object service parameters ( loading, temperature, mechanical characteristics of the materials at the moment of testing and some other) and also for determination of the acoustic emission sources location.   
    The system technical characteristics:
    – the overall dimensions - 370.256.30 mm,weight – 2.1 kg;
    – sensitivity to displacement of the control surface 1/10¹³ m;
    – current consumption - 120 mA;
    – an error in determination of the acoustic emission source coordinates, depending on the testing conditions of the object under control, does not exceed 10%;
    – connection via USB – interface provides a high velocity of data exchange between the device and a personal computer;
    – a velocity of data exchange between the system and a personal computer -12Mbit/s, that makes it possible to work in the real time regime;
    – possibility of management of the system software: choice of a number of working channels, time selection , duration of sampling, etc.
    Advantages of the system are as follows:
    – system portability allows to use it both in field conditions of objects testing and also in the conditions when excess to the object is complicated, in altitude operation conditions and other;
    – simple and understandable software interface as well as handy directory-inquiry service allow the user to master the device operation;
    – compact size and successful design of the system allow its simple and convenient transportation;
    – autonomous power supply makes it possible to use the system in the sites with limited or absent electric power supply.
   The system can be applied in: Nuclear and heat power generating plants, gas – and oil transport systems, aviation, chemical and petroleum processing industries, civil and industrial engineering, etc.
    The system can be used for:
   – monitoring and technical diagnostics of objects of long-term operation: bridges, tanks, high-pressure capacities, pipelines, elements of frame and tower cranes, port lift-and-carry mechanisms, other units and mechanisms,
and also in laboratory conditions for:
   – fundamental and applied investigations of structural materials: static and fatigue crack growth resistance, creep, plastic deformation, initiation and propagation of cold and hot cracks under welding, evaluation of the low threshold of the stress intensity factor under hydrogen and corrosion cracking of materials, composites investigation etc.

    Acoustic emission system SKOP-8 was tested more than once together with Ukravtodor company where a number of works on diagnostics of the road state were carried out. The AE testing of the capacities for oil storage at “Druzhba” oil pipeline , state of frames and railway carriages welded joints in Kovel passenger wagon depot and other was performed.